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The Marriage KITCHEN.
Cooking up a delicious and healthy marriage
Spend 8 weeks with me in The Marriage Kitchen and learn the secret recipe to a healthy, delicious, and successful marriage.
(Without having to continuously work on it.)
We have some secrets. In over 27 years of marriage, we have never had a fight. In fact, we have never even raised our voice to each other.
[This is where you roll your eyes and say, “yeah, right …”]
But I need to explain something. 

This was not by design. See, we both come from legacies of happy marriages—parents, grandparents, great grandparents. It’s not just that they stuck together. They actually enjoyed being together!

We had no idea, but all through our lives we were being trained in the secret art of marriage. When we got married, it was easy, fun, and WE DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT WE WERE DOING DIFFERENT!

In three decades of being together we have seen couple after couple grow discontent in their marriage. What happens next is one of three things:
• They get divorced.

• They struggle or fight daily

• They tolerate life as roommates until the kids finally leave home.

But we did see a few marriages that were like ours:

✔️ The honeymoon was not just a phase for them, it was a way of life.

✔️They laughed together and had real fun as a couple. 

✔️They fought on the same side of every issue, never against each other

✔️ Their sex life was full of passion and excitement

And on, and on, and on. 
As we began to take a closer look, these rare couples shared the same inside information we had. It was like a “legacy secret,” like your Italian grandmother’s meatball recipe that she refuses to share with anyone. Please understand—WE DID NOT EVEN KNOW WE HAD ACCESS TO THIS SECRET INFORMATION, MUCH LESS THAT WE WERE USING IT. 
"... I can honestly say I do love my marriage"
"Before [Hannah's marriage training] I was feeling very sorry for myself and how focusing on all the things my husband did not do. I would cry going home from work, because I felt lonely and overwhelmed at home and felt burdened. That attitude changed quickly when I began the courses on marriage. My home is so much more peaceful, loving, and fun now that I am not carrying that resentment and burden. I can honestly say I do Love My Marriage, and am so thankful [Hannah's marriage training] taught me how to change my mindset. Thank you!!"
Bridgette S.
"... My mood was lifted. I smile more. Laugh more. Flirt more."
"My husband really started to notice a difference! My mood was lifted. I smile more. Laugh more. Flirt more. I went from constantly being “too tired” to be with him to every other night! Our relationship is stronger because I am stronger! I am no longer a weak link in our chain. It is because of what I have learned about myself through [Hannah's marriage training]."
Marie T.
"... We are more in love than we were on our wedding day"
"My husband's and my individual relationships with the Lord have grown and blossomed. Our marriage is stronger, and we are more in love than we were on our wedding day. The other relationships in my life have improved as well, as I have learned to love myself and communicate better. I am a completely different person than I was before [Hannah's marriage training]. Before, I was broken, hurting and felt stuck and hopeless. Now, I am healed, whole, strong."
Amanda S.
We didn’t even realize we were following some secret recipes for a healthy and delicious marriage. We had just both grown up with exposure to these methods and tactics and just thought 
It was kinda like we had been working in the kitchen and didn’t even realize we were creating the best food in the world. Remember the movie, Ratatouille? (It is one of my favorites.) The rat had this amazing innate ability to create incredibly delectable French cuisine. One of my favorite lines from that movie is the one Gusteau, the world-renowned chef, firmly believed in— ANYONE CAN COOK! 

 We definitely believe that, especially when it comes to marriage. If you have the “inside knowledge” you can cook up the marriage of your dreams. You won’t find this in books, or movies, or magazines, or online resources. What you WILL find, however, is the same-old information on “how to have a good marriage.” 

But let me ask you—if all the magazines and books and counselors are right, then … WHY IS THE DIVORCE RATE GOING UP? WHY ARE MORE PEOPLE CHOOSING NOT TO GET MARRIED? WHY ARE MARRIAGES STILL STRUGGLING? 

 If they worked, then … well … wouldn’t they be working? 
That’s why we decided to pick apart this ancient wisdom, why we decided to open up about the secret strategies we have that make a marriage healthy, strong, fun, fulfilling, and exciting. 

That is why we decided to SHARE THE SECRET RECIPE. 

WARNING: This is not the information you will get from your therapist, counselor, or Google. In fact, this is the first time we’ve shared this—EVER! 
This is different, very different. 

It’s like the difference between someone showing you how create a better meal by ordering off the McDonald’s menu, and a culinary 5-star chef showing you how to cook a meal. This isn’t fast food. 

This is 8 weeks of us working together to reprogram what you THOUGHT about marriage and create an entirely new mindset. Here’s a (tiny) glimpse of what we’ll be covering-- 

Module 1: The Right Utensils 
A healthy and delicious marriage starts with smart communication. Unfortunately, this is a skill we’re rarely taught before saying “I do.” In this Module you will learn the value of internal AND external communication. We even give you the Marriage Kitchen Recipe Book so you can have our private scripts. We have never shared these until now! 
 Module 2: The Best Ingredients 
The most delicious marriage starts with the best ingredients. These ingredients are “7 secret codes” that you need to have with yourself and with each other. And don’t worry—if you’re going through this alone, it still works! When you have these 7 secret codes in place, all you have to do is put them together and watch them work. 
Module 3: Spices and Seasonings 
Your healthy and delicious marriage isn’t supposed to be something you tolerate. It’s supposed to be something that gives you joy, freedom, power, and happiness! Food is bland when you don’t spice it up, and in this Module you’re going to learn how to make your marriage fun again. Remember that initial heartthrob? Yeah, it’s back. 
Module 4: Clean Eating vs Junk Food 
You can’t be healthy on a diet of junk food. And you can’t have a healthy marriage on a foundation of lies. Our society has several ideas on how a marriage needs to operate, which is probably why most marriages either end in divorce or struggle to survive. We reveal the 10 lies that destroy and the truths that sets your rockin’ marriage free! 
 Module 5: The Well-Staffed Kitchen 
Every successful kitchen has a chef and a sous chef; and in the best kitchens, those roles can switch in a moment. In this module, we dive into the role of a man and a woman, each with specific strengths and attributes that work in partnership to empower a marriage. Know the key essentials of each role to make magic together. 
Module 6: The Four Components of Cuisine 
If you master the four cooking components, you can master any recipe. Frustrated that your partner won’t do what you want? That ends now. All of us have different temperaments. If you understand how you and your spouse operate, you have “inside information” on how to motivate, encourage, and influence your partner. In other words, it’s like mind control! 
Module 7: Pressure Cooking 
Pressure can destroy or create; and the strongest marriages know how to use pressure in their favor. Problems will come, but in this Module you will learn how to allow those problems to unite instead of divide you, and battle the crisis, not each other. Discover the formula that helps you turn pressure into power! 
Module 8: Dessert Menu 
Intimacy is vital in a healthy marriage, and sex definitely makes it more delicious! Problems with intimacy usually exist between the ears, not the thighs. Learn how to reprogram your mind to work with your body and—finally—experience freedom and excitement when it comes to sexual intimacy in your marriage. 

And while we’re on the subject of marriage, can we just get rid of some of the stupid lies you’ve probably been taught about marriage? 

Lie #1
Marriage is hard work. What a load of bull! Why would God want us to get married if it was just going to make life harder? There is a reason for marriage, and it is not to add stress to your life. It is actually intended to do the opposite—empower you, strengthen you, and take stress OUT of your life. 
Lie #2
Divorce-proof (or affair-proof) your marriage. This is basically like a 5-Star Chef taking a culinary class called “How to Vomit-Proof Your Cuisine.” When you’re focused on survival, you will never be able to create success. A marriage isn’t something to be tolerated. It should be celebrated. 
Lie #3
It takes two to make it work. Wrong again. That would be nice, but in most situations of marital struggle there is usually one who wants to work it out and one who is somewhat resistant. If the two could work together, they would have already done so. It actually only takes one person to turn things around. 

Don’t fall for the lies anymore and don’t spend time trying to work things out. Get the “insider secrets” on how to create the marriage of your dreams! 

We are inviting you into the kitchen with us to learn first-hand (for the first time ever) the secret strategies that have been passed down to us. We’re revealing it all! 

 Warning: We have very limited space in this program. We want to keep this small so we can have more direct interaction with each participant. When we fill the spots, we will be closing enrollment. 

The Marriage Kitchen (8 Modules)
Elite access to 8 ENTIRE weeks of marriage training!
The Marriage Kitchen Module Workbooks
Follow along with your own Marriage Kitchen Workbook! This is the homework you're going to enjoy bringing home... ;)
BONUS #1: The Marriage Kitchen Recipe Book
Perfect recipes don't just  "happen" .. There are directions, steps, and instructions! Same goes for marriage. Our Marriage Book does just that! FINALLY! An instruction book for a successful marriage!
BONUS #2: He Said / She Said Cook Out Classes
Dogs and Dudes! Burgers and Babes! Does it feel like you speak different languages? He Said/She Said Cook Out class can translate for you :)
BONUS #3: Home Cookin’ Dating Guide
Marriage doesn't mean the dating stops. In fact, more reason to get back in the dating game. Learn HOW with the "Dating Guide!"
BONUS #4: Sweet & Spicy Love Notes
Things just got a little hotter! Need a little creativity to get things a little.. um.. interesting?  Let the love notes do the talking ;)
BONUS #5: Cravings—The Complete Sex Guide
We won't just be talking "romance" .. Yes, ma'am! We're talking SEX too! Use the "Cravings Sex Guide" to get the fire in your marriage BACK!
BONUS #6: Special Bonus! Kitchen Fire—Stop! Drop! And Roll!
What do you do in a marriage emergency? How do you handle it when things get out of control?! The Kitchen Fire Gudie will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get out of the "fire" and into the safe zone.
BONUS #7: Private Facebook Group
We're on this journey TOGETHER! You'll get private access to our Facebook group so we can share questions, stories, wisdom, and successes! I'll be there too :)
Wow. Yeah. I know that's a whole LOT to take in Let me wrap this whole thing up for you...
↪ The  Marriage Kitchen (8 Modules) - $2,997

↪The Marriage Kitchen Module Workbooks - $400

↪ The Marriage Kitchen Recipe Book - $197

↪ He Said / She Said Cook Out Classes - $497 

↪ Home Cookin’ Dating Guide - $149

↪ Sweet & Spicy Love Notes - $49

↪ Cravings—The Complete Sex Guide - $397

↪ Private Facebook Group - $495

↪ Special Bonus! Kitchen Fire—Stop! Drop! And Roll! - $297 
Total Value: $5,478 
This is a marriage course SOOO many mom (and dads) need. I decided to price it at:
and knock almost HALF OFF.... 

BUT. Why stop there? AHH. So many of my mentors have told me to stop over delivering but what can I say? To see marriages THRIVE... To see couples fall in love all over again.. To see UNITY in the home... That's worth so much more than money. 
I've decided to price The Marriage Kitchen at... *DRUMROLL*
(I'm so serious ya'll.. If spots start filling up faster than I anticipated, we may have to expire the introductory price a little early so the people who REALLY need it can get in first)

WARNING: It's first come, first serve. My student services team knows when to cut off enrollment and we unfortunately won't be able to open it back up. I promise, this is the one thing that CAN'T WAIT.
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 Is this a religious thing? - Probably not the way you’re thinking. It doesn’t leave God out of the picture, but it doesn’t have the negative connotations and legalities that people often associate with religious programs. In fact, you won’t ever see something like this in a religious bookstore (especially not Module 8). 

 Do we need to go through the program as a couple? - Absolutely not. That’s actually pretty silly because if your marriage is struggling there is often one person who is resistant to participate. The good news? It doesn’t take two people to change a marriage, only one is necessary to start the momentum. 

 What if it doesn’t work? - You have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you find it’s not working, then that is totally 100% our fault, not yours. Just show us the work and get your money back. We can supply this guarantee because we are totally confident that if you work the program it will work for you. 

 What if we don’t have time to watch the videos and do the homework? - Then do you have time to argue, stress out, and file for divorce? 

If it’s important, you will make time for it. 

But remember, you have lifetime access. You can go through it over and over for the rest of your healthy and delicious life together. 
Blair and I can't wait to see you inside the private Marriage Kitchen membership group! These next 8 weeks are going to blow your mind, set your marriage on fire, and change your life FOREVER!!!

We have so much to share with you and we can't wait to get started!

WARNING: Spots are filling up and I can't guarantee a place FOREVER. I just hope everyone who need The Marriage Kitchen gets inside ASAP! I hate turning people away... 

I love you and I'm excited to see your marriage explode! ... in a good way ;)
Hannah and Blair
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